Cells in the brain and elsewhere begin dying within minutes of cardiac arrest, but with intervention, they can remain viable for longer.  Suspended Animation’s goal is to apply hypothermic procedures before irrevocable ischemic damage occurs and extend the window of time during which the tissues can be safely transported to the organization to which they have been donated.

Lowering body temperature while administering medications and providing cardiopulmonary support can protect the tissues long enough to introduce a cold organ preservation solution using extracorporeal bypass.  This blood substitute provides greater protection while the patient is being transported.

Along with more than 40 contracted medical professionals and staff, Suspended Animation maintains three air-transportable stabilization kits and two mobile operating vehicles at its locations in Florida and California.  Teams and equipment are on-call 24 hours a day.

Suspended Animation’s stabilization procedures are applied only to patients who have made arrangements for subsequent non-transplantable donation and/or cryopreservation with other independent organizations.

Suspended Animation does not provide transplantation, tissue or organ banking, human cryopreservation (cryonics) or other cryogenic storage.