Protection and Preservation of


Suspended Animation is a biotechnology company that develops hypothermia inducing techniques and technologies.  Our research and recovery operations aim to extend the window of time that cells and tissues remain viable and recoverable.  By applying our technologies in clinical and research settings we will improve the chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrest, stroke or trauma and the viability of donated organs and tissues.


Suspended Animation’s research is about developing ways to induce a state of reversible suspended animation using cooling (hypothermia). Our goals are to transfer life-saving hypothermia protocols and technologies from the laboratory to medical professionals and to identify new and better ways of delivering critical care for patients who are far from medical facilities.


Non-transplantable, donated tissues require immediate cooling and specialized care to stabilize them for transport and extend the window of time that they remain viable. Suspended Animation fields teams of highly trained medical professionals with equipment across the continental United States to recover whole body and tissue donors. We specialize in the stabilization and transport of human cryopreservation patients.


To rapidly deliver specialized stabilization and recovery care across the United States, Suspended Animation contracts and trains Board certified surgeons, perfusionists and other emergency and critical care professionals at its dedicated training facility in South Florida. These trained recovery professionals form the teams that respond 24 hours a day on behalf of Suspended Animation’s clients.